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  • The conflicts within the villages of Tamil Nadu are solved by the village Panchayat with occasional choices of the interference of police or the court system.
  • During the Tamil Months of Karthikai, the villages of Tamil Nadu are decorated lavishly for the celebration of their regional festivals in Masi, Panguni, Aadi and Vaigasi temples.
  • The commencement of any Tamil Nadu village festival starts with that of a hoisting of the flag and tying “Kappu”. Mayana Pujai is mostly practiced in midnight during the worship of Irulappasamy or Sadalaisamy.
  • The traditional "Theru Koothu" and "Villu Pattu" dance dramas are famous street shows in villages of Tamil Nadu. Since the earlier days, these were the only means of entertainment that conveyed social messages to the village people

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