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About Tamilnadu Villages

  • Villages of Tamil Nadu are special and prominent for their own specific reasons. Some yield massive amount of food crops, while some are vital transaction points and some feature distinguished cultural integrity.
  • The villages of Tamil Nadu can be distinguished into particular divisions, namely villages in Coimbatore District, villages in Dindigul District, villages in Nilgiris District, villages in Salem District and villages in Sivaganga District.
  • Ancient Tamil grammatical works Tolkappiyam, the ten anthologies Pattuppāṭṭu, the eight anthologies Eṭṭuttokai sheds light on early religion of ancient Dravidian people.
  • Tolkappiyam, mentions that each of these thinai had an associated deity such Seyyon in Kurinji-the hills, Thirumaal in Mullai-the forests, and Kotravai in Marutham-the plains, and Wanji-ko in the Neithal-the coasts and the seas.

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