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The temple was built by the Cholas kingdom in the 12th century AD. The main deity is Lord Thanthondreeswarar (Lord Shiva) and the female deity is Goddess Dharmasamvarthini.Thanthondreeswarar Temple is located on the banks of Vasishta Nadi (Vasishta River). The temple has a serene atmosphere and is surrounded by beautiful hillocks The inner sanctum was constructed by 'Milagu Chetty and the rest were constructed by King Paranthaga Chola (Paranthaka Chola). Construction of Rajagopuram was started during the 12th century by King Paranthaka Chola, but was left incomplete.It also showcases the Dravidian architecture and is representative of the Chola Empire's Ideology and the Tamil civilisation. Temple Architectural Note:The temple is constructed in such a way that every year, in the first week of Tamil month (Chithirai) the sunlight falls on the main deity in early morning.A structure of a mythical lion, “YAZHI” (A statue of lion) made out of a single stone with a rolling ball inside its mouth is carved on two pillars.A structure of Lord Shiva riding a vedhic horse is carved on two other pillars made out of a single stone.

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