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The temple is 8 km from Erode on the Perundurai road with trees 60 metre high. Of the 108 Murugan temples praised in the celebrated Tirupugazh hymns of Sage Arunagiriar, Tindalmalai Murugan temple is one.Lord Muruga in the temple is endearingly called Kuzhandai Velayuthaswami and Kumara Velayuthaswami. Idumban in the temple enjoys a special reputation. Once, the place Poondurai became drought. The farmers prayed to Idumba to get them the grace of Muruga for rains and they were blessed and came out of the famine making the place fertile again. The tradition of seeking Idumban’s grace for fertility continues even today. The lamp post (Deepa Sthamba) in the temple is of a special design and type in the Kongu region. Devotees light lamps on this pillar on the Karthika Deepam days. The pillar has sculptures on all sides depicting religion-related events.

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