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Product Description :Whoever said it’s a nightmare to feed veggies to kids must try this Spinach and Sweet Potato Puree. You will be amazed how your baby takes to the lip-smacking taste of this organic blend. No added colors, salts, sugar or preservatives makes this a healthy food choice. And it comes in a super-convenient BPA free plastic container with a spoon. Witness your baby feasting on Spinach and Sweet Potato, on the go!

PURE & SIMPLE BLENDOrganic Sweet Potato & Organic Spinach with Water. Nothing else NO ADDITIVENo artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids or potentially harmful pesticides or herbicides EASY TO CARRY & FEEDPacked in an easy to carry tub, made up of BPA free plastics, you can toss them in your handbag easily ORGANIC & NON GMOAll the materials are sourced from certified organics farms. Handpicked by our experts. GLUTEN FREE & VEGAN





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Organic Sweet Potato


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