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The Government Rose Garden (formerly known as the Jayalalithaa Rose Garden, Centenary Rose Park and Nootrandu Roja Poonga) is situated on the slopes of the Elk Hill in Vijayanagaram of Ooty town in Tamil Nadu, India at an altitude of 2200 meters.Ooty has a unique tropical mountain climate, hence the garden has the ideal climatic conditions for growing roses. Temperature variation is low and the rainfall distribution is uniform, which results in a long flowering season. The garden is visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year, even in winter when it is not the flowering season.Initially, when the gardens were developed, 1,919 varieties of roses with 17,256 rose plants were planted.Today there are more than 20,000 varieties of roses of 2,800 cultivars. It is one of the largest collections of roses in India

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