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V O Chidambaranar park and zoo (abbreviated VOC park) is a zoological garden and amusement park located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. As of 2013, the park houses around 890 animals including 335 birds, 106 mammals and 54 reptiles.[3] The park is named after freedom fighter V O Chidambaram Pillai and is managed by Coimbatore city Corporation.There is a park, children's play area and ground associated with the zoo. The park also has a toy train, jurassic park and aquarium. This Park also have a memory of 2017 jallikattu protest conducted by Youngsters in Coimbatore about more than lakhs of youngsters participated with their families this is one of huge protest conducted in Tamil Nadu state after independence. The same has been done in Chennai Marina Beach by youngsters over 7 lakhs people participated in 2017 pro-Jallikattu protests [4] The grounds are used for conducting fairs and events including the annual Independence day and Republic day celebrations.[5] The park has over 200 species of trees including Sandalwood.

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