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Brand : Daksh craft Villa

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Product Description :clay cookwares are made up of pure indian clays which are rich in minerals and are carefully selected and harvested from specific areas. There are no chemicals or additive added. This size is ideal when cooking for 3 to 4 people. Use our pots to cook nutritious meals that taste great too! Cook 100% Healthy & Non-toxic food for you and your family with this beautiful unglazed clay pot!. Use it to cook any recipe you would in a regular metal pot like rice, soups, curries, sautés etc. The clay is tested to ensure it is totally free of toxins like lead and cadmium.Can also be used on solid fuel cooking surfaces (avoid high heat).

Material: Clay Color: Brown Easy to clean No need to use soap / detergent to wash the clayware. Soaking in warm water and scrubbing with non abrasive srubber is enough to clean the utensil. Handle with care





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Daksh craft Villa Essential Terracotta


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