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Chenraya Perumal Temple is a Hindu temple located in the town of Adhiyamankottam, 7 km from Dharmapuri on the Salem road. The Chenraya Perumal Temple is located in the ancient capital of Adhiyaman’s, ancient rulers of Tagadur.Located on the Salem-Dharmapuri road, the site resembling an oval shaped fort presently stands in ruins. The temple is believed to be constructed by the Krishna Deva Raya and the Hoysala kings, who ruled the region during the medieval period.Standing on a flat platform, the temple has a huge mandapam that leads to the inner sanctum of the temple. The interiors of the temple are adorned with the 13th century paintings that depict episodes from the Mahabharata, Viswaroopa Darshan of Lord Krishna and Ramayana.This is a hill temple with 500 steps and 48 pillars indicating Mandala duration. Mandalam means 48 days. The flag post (Kodimaram) of the temple has sculptures describing the history of the temple. There is a platform in the Mandap on the right of the sanctum sanctorum called Chitra Rath Mandap where the Lord drank milk. Devotees place their hands on the two corners of the platform during worship. The hands come automatically closer to each other which the devotees consider an acknowledgment of their prayers.Perumal here is quite different from other Vishnu temples. He is being worshipped as a child, because, He came here as a child. Hence, there are no consorts with Him. Yet he appears with a twisted moustache and beard. He does not hold his discus and conch. The procession deity graces with Mothers Rukmini and Satyabama.

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